GS Consulting your partner from start to finish



The automotive industry spends more than 30 billion euros a year worldwide in R&D. Today`s goals are autonomous driving, digitalization, and e-mobility. GS CONSULTING is able to guide and work with you to manage the upcoming goals very specific for your requirements. 

This means we analyze your capabilities and use them to set up your innovation management to generate your chances. 

Our multiple-stage methods engage with your team in an early stage, we create space in a former process while at the same time focusing on the creativity of the development personnel. 

We track thru efficient planning, monitoring, and controlling our product development process. 

This limits costs and development times from the first concept stage to the PPAP for production.


For years automotive companies have been placing a high priority on optimising their production processes and improving efficiency.

We can support you based on comprehensive experience from more than 

two decades and a deep understanding within the automotive industry.

Due to future changes which will require further action, we like to review on upcoming innovative technologies that will be beneficial for your portfolio or supplement your current product range.

To say it in simple words:

We offer individual consulting, for your particular and imediate needs. 

We could raise more interest on new customers if we would advertise about our current clients, but we don`t due to NDA`s and privacy acceptances from our customers.





DE: +49 6026 9999-311

CH: +41 44 586 60 82

US: +1 (401) 684-1182